6 Best Travel Movies That Will Inspire You To Get On The Road

6 best travel movies

Before I decided that travel would become a part of my life, I would occasionally spend a few hours streaming movies with a bowl of popcorn.

I watched these movies over and over again till it got to a point where I could quote the actors. I would always feel like I’m a part of their adventures.

Here is a list of my personal favorites, feel free to comment or add your favorite travel films to this list.

Into the wild

1.Into The Wild (2007) – USA

This movie taught me about being a free spirit and pursuing whatever I am passionate about despite the odds.

Based on the book by John Krakuaer, Into the World follows Christopher McCandless across America until he finally settles in Alaska. After graduating from Emory University, he cuts all ties with his family, hitchhikes across the country, and then finally cuts himself off from society, choosing to live in solitude in Denali National Park.  It tells the tale of the people he meets and touches along the way, all while showing the heartbreak his family is going through for they cannot understand why he would do this to them.

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Wild Movie

2.Wild (2014) – USA

This one inspired me to take my first solo trip.

One woman takes a 1,100-mile solo hike as a way to recover from a recent personal tragedy. With absolutely no experience, she forges ahead against all odds on a journey that maddens, strengthens, and ultimately heals her.

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Bucket list movie

3.Bucket List (2007) – Everywhere

After watching this, I realized how short life can be. I made my own bucket list with a couple of things that I have been working towards striking off.

The Bucket List follows two terminally ill patients who escape the cancer ward with an agenda to strike off as many things as they can from their bucket list.

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One week

4.One Week (2008) – Canada

This movie made me want to explore any country on a motorcycle.

One Week follows a young man driving a motorcycle across Canada after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Along his quest, he makes stops in a number of landmarks, to find the true meaning of life before he gets married.

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Life of Pi

5.Life Of Pi (2012) – Pacific

Life of Pi is purely magical. It left a lasting impression on me with the story of survival that was narrated so purely.

It is about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an amazing and unexpected connection with another survivor, a fearsome Bengal tiger.

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The secret life of walter mitty

6.Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013) – Greenland, Iceland

All the fantasy sequences in Walter Mitty’s head being exposed made The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty quite funny.

Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.

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What are some of your favorite travel movies?

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