9 Tips For A Fearless Solo Trip

9 tips for a fearless Solo Trip


Last December, I spent a month backpacking along the Kenyan Coast. This was my first ever solo road trip and heck did I learn a ton of things. It was an almost religious experience, unfiltered by the preferences of a traveling companion.


Your first solo trip can be scary especially as a female, so here are 9 tips for a fearless solo trip:


1.Stay in Touch

Let someone close to you know when you leave, your itinerary, and when you arrive at your destinations. A quick text message will do.


If you have WiFi, use video chat; several mobile applications such as Whatsapp, Snapchat and Messenger offer these services. That’s all it takes.


It is important to keep in touch in case something bad happens to you (this is a rare occurrence). Your family and friends will have a rough idea of where to begin looking.



2. Keep your Electronics Charged

Carry all the chargers for your electronics such as your cell phone, cameras, Go Pros, and laptops.

If you are going to an area with no electricity and power outlets carry a solar panel power bank charger.



3. Pack Lightly

As difficult as this may sound, you should only pack what you need.

I remember I once traveled with a 20 inches’ tall backpack in which I stuffed my pants, dresses, shoes, scarves, socks, novels and countless other things. It was one heavy backpack. I only used a fraction of the clothes in my bag as I would frequently wash my clothes wherever I’d go.

Pack according to the destination and agenda of your trip. Whether it’s a hiking trip or to the beach. It is important to check the weather so as to determine whether to carry warm clothing or not.

Carry clothes that are functional and can be worn multiple times. You also want your clothes to be comfortable and allow you to breathe well.

If there’s a chance you’ll want to go out to a nice meal, bring a nice outfit that won’t wrinkle in your backpack or suitcase.

Boots and walking stick


4. Entertainment

You won’t have anyone to entertain you while traveling alone unless you meet new people along the way that have the same agenda as you do. Bring something to keep you occupied back in your hotel or camp.

Musically inclined? Carry your harmonica or guitar. Like to read? Carry a novel. Like to draw? Carry your sketchpad.



5. Have Cash on Hand

You might go to some areas where they neither take credit/debit cards nor accept mobile money transfers. This could be common especially in open air markets where you go to buy groceries.

Keep a wad of cash in your wallet/purse and be weary of pickpockets


6. Carry Extra Water

Invest in a water bottle that you can easily carry around to make sure you have an adequate supply of water wherever you will be. You know, water is life, right?


7. Interact with the Locals

This is the best way to learn more about the place you are in. Your local friend will show you the hidden gems to explore in the area, teach you about their history and traditions as well as show you the best places to try out local foods.



8. Invest in a Couple of Guide Books

Regional guides like Lonely planet and national park maps can help you plan your trip better.



9. Practice Saying This

Your spirit of adventure is the reason why you plan on doing a solo trip, carry it with you everywhere that you go.

Also, practice the word “Holy Crap” a couple of times in front of the mirror before leaving home. Practice saying it in upward and downward inflections together with the assortment of facial expressions that come with it. You will need to use this word in the many situations that you find yourself in.


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