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Uhuru Park. Nairobi, Kenya

Life in Nairobi

Life in Nairobi is debatable, everyone has their own set of experiences living in this city. The weather is great in Nairobi, sunny and warm except for a few cold months between June and August. Music is a part of everyday life in this city and you’ll hear it in market stalls, public transport (matatus), kiosks, restaurants, and on the…

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Garoda Beach

Watamu, The Little Italian Town In Kenya

Let’s first describe Watamu. Watamu is a small beautiful town that lies along the Kenyan Coastal strip. It is 557.4 km away from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya and 108.1 north of Mombasa. Neighboring it is the rich tropical rainforest, Arabuko Sokoke National Park. This forest is exceptional as it supports a number of endemic and endangered animals. Watamu is a place…

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A Danish post stamp with Karen Blixen's image

Karen Blixen, from Denmark to Kenya

“Have you watched Out of Africa?” My friend, Leo, asked me immediately we saw the Karen Blixen House signpost a few meters ahead of us. It had been a hot sunny day in Nairobi and with not much to do on a lazy Friday afternoon, Leo and I had decided to go exploring in the leafy Karen suburbs. Karen area…

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