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Kenyan E-Passport

How to Apply for a Kenyan Passport

Applying for a Kenyan passport is very easy. All you need to do is log in to your e-citizen account and make an online application. The tough part begins when you have to go to the immigration office to submit the applications. Prepare to spend up to 6 hours in line unless you are one of the earliest birds. The…

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6 best travel movies

6 Best Travel Movies That Will Inspire You To Get On The Road

Before I decided that travel would become a part of my life, I would occasionally spend a few hours streaming movies with a bowl of popcorn. I watched these movies over and over again till it got to a point where I could quote the actors. I would always feel like I’m a part of their adventures. Here is a list…

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9 tips for a fearless Solo Trip

9 Tips For A Fearless Solo Trip

  Last December, I spent a month backpacking along the Kenyan Coast. This was my first ever solo road trip and heck did I learn a ton of things. It was an almost religious experience, unfiltered by the preferences of a traveling companion.   Your first solo trip can be scary especially as a female, so here are 9 tips…

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