Fort Worth Stockyards And The Texas Longhorns

Texas longhorn

Fortworth is a large city located in North Central Texas. It has rich Old Western traditional architecture and history. What stands out the most are the good number of saloons in the city where you can walk in and have a cold beer.

I had always wanted to experience the Wild West, that kind of feeling you get when you are watching a Clint Eastwood movie. I couldn’t help myself when I arrived Texas and knew that I was finally going to visit the Fort Worth Stockyards.


A number of dual-sports motorbikes were parked by the sidewalks.

Fort Worth Stock Yards

After having a Texan steak in one of the saloons, I headed to the Stockyards. I had heard a lot about the Texas Longhorns and I couldn’t wait to finally see them.

Fortworth is a former livestock market where ranchers and cowboys from different parts of Texas would come to buy, sell and slaughter cattle and sheep. It was also an area where business auctions occurred.

American-Indian statue

The Stockyards now celebrate this long tradition by having entertainment that capitalizes on the cowboy lifestyle. This is a place where you can buy all the cowboy attire that you could dream of; cowboy hats, boots, jackets, and saddles. In addition, they have Rodeo shows where activities such as roping and bull riding occur.


Every day the Old West comes to life when the Longhorns are herded down the streets. One has to be careful not to stand in their way or else they could easily poke your belly with their very long horns.

Fort Worth Cattle Drive

Texas Longhorns

You see why they are called long horns? They are a breed of cattle known for their characteristic long horns.

Texas longhorn

Texas longhorn 2


My 15 seconds of being a cowgirl were used wisely as you can see in the picture above. Perhaps next time I’ll be on a Rodeo show roping and wrestling steers.

Stay tuned to find out. 🙂


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