Life in Nairobi

Uhuru Park. Nairobi, Kenya

Life in Nairobi is debatable, everyone has their own set of experiences living in this city. The weather is great in Nairobi, sunny and warm except for a few cold months between June and August. Music is a part of everyday life in this city and you’ll hear it in market stalls, public transport (matatus), kiosks, restaurants, and on the streets while walking.

The city can get crazy especially on the roads where some drivers and pedestrians disregard traffic rules. This includes the motorcycle (boda boda) drivers that come from all directions, literally. It takes a bit of patience to survive the traffic and keenness while crossing the roads.

Nairobi is dynamic, it has a multi-ethnic culture contrasted with its modern advancements in technology, architecture, and industry. It’s not uncommon to see Maasais walking under the hot sun clad in ‘shukas’ and ‘akalas’ (sandals) while selling their handmade jewelry and traditional medicine to pedestrians clad in business suits or trendy outfits.

Nairobi people love to have fun and will not hesitate to go partying, have nyama choma (roast meat) and ugali or even plan an exciting get-together/road trip. There are always numerous social events happening over the weekend.


I admit it’s not all sunshine and roses in this city but this is mostly due to the petty theft and robbery that could possibly happen, ‘Nairobbery’ as it is called by locals. This is expected in a developing country due to high rates of poverty and unemployment. It is always advised to be careful with belongings such as mobile phones and wallets which should be kept in safe places where a pickpocket cannot reach or snatch.


‘Me I love Nairobi’ that’s what most city dwellers here will tell you when trying to describe this city, myself included.

Karibu Nairobi.

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